Scott Flyger
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Scott is an experienced & innovative editor with a contemporary style. His credits include the 2007 BAFTA winning comedy sketch series 'That Mitchell & Webb Look' and 'Robbie Coltrane's B Road Britain' which was a 2007 Scottish BAFTA nominee.

Recently he has worked on 'Invisible Worlds with Richard Hammond' (BBC Science) , 'I Wanna Be in a Rock 'n Roll Band' (BBC ENTERTAINMENT) & 'Little Howard's Big Question' Series 2 & 3 back to back (CBBC/BBC One).

Scott has been in the UK for ten years. Before that he was a freelance editor in New Zealand working on a variety of genres from entertainment to sports to documentary to drama. He has cut commercials for Pizza Hut, KFC, Telecom (NZ), Westfield, Pepsi, Wedgewood, EMI, London Underground & various promos for BBC.

Scott's narrative skills are also of a high calibre and reflected in the documentary/factual entertainment/drama work he has done both here and abroad over the years. An eye for graphic design when finishing commercials, drama, entertainment or corporate work enables Scott to finish the projects to satisfy the clients creative & marketing requirements.

Client liaison is extremely important to me. A clear and mutually beneficial relationship between myself & each of my clients has ensured a lasting affiliation with the people responsible for making exciting, innovative and award winning films.

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4x60’ BBC Two - Film Editor (dir: S.Bridger)

4 of 5 episodes that take a look at the various parts of a rock band and the famous, talented and odd retinue of characters
who have graced the hallowed halls of rockdom.

3x60’ BBC One/BBC Worldwide - (dir: G.Maxwell)

BBC Science series hosted by Top Gears’ Richard Hammond that employs hi-speed, infra-red, X-ray & assorted other cameras to look at the moments we miss using the naked eye.

(Scottish BAFTA Nominee 2007)
1x60’ BBC/IWC - Film Editor (dir: K.Begg)

Editor of the last of the three part series, this was nominated for a Scottish Bafta. This was a series under tight time restrictions and meant that as editor I was responsible for writing some of the voiceover for various parts of the show as we cut.

1 x 60’ BBC2 –Film Editor (dir: A. Kaleta)
A series that looked at the myths and truths surrounding foods and their purported affect on our health. Produced by the makers of The Human Body series.

- Film Editor (dir: C.Hindmarch)
Editor of this well researched documentary detailing the ways and means used by those involved in espionage over the last 70 years.
1 x 30’ C4/AT IT –Film Editor (dir: A. Kaleta)
The only UK interview with U2 for 2007. Why?.. A best of album release of course.
Cut in the usual MTV style.
5 x 15 mini documentaries for BBC3 – Film Editor (dir: A. Kaleta)

A series of mini-docos about Radio One’s support of up and coming acts. Alan Yentob commented that it was one of the best music documentary’s he’s seen in the last decade.

1 x 60’ DISCOVERY USA/AT IT– Film Editor (dir: A. Kaleta)

A series set in the Miami Children’s Hospital Cranial/Facial Department that looks into the lives and surgery of children afflicted with cranial facial deformities and the hope it brings to them of leading a more normal life.
 30 x 60’ AT IT /C4 – Editor
T4 is as T4 does. Online/Offline/Soundmix.

75 x 60’ AT IT/C4
Goodbye Popworld. My first gig on arriving in London. All VT’s/Performances/Links etc. Online/Offfline/Sound Mix.
10 x 1Hr Action Series in New Zealand for TV3/TELEOLA
- Series Editor
Senior Editor of the series again setting style, tone, pace and feel. Just another ‘vote me off’ reality series but it looked fantastic. The Australian Networks couldn’t believe what was achieved with the budget we had. That says it all.
‘OFF THE RAILS’                    

(Winner: Quantas TV Awards 2006 NZ)
2 x 30’ JAM TV/TVNZ
Film Editor (dir:Mel Rakena)

Did this series on my weekends ‘off’. A relaxed look at New Zealand’s rail lines of old and the people that remember them. Nice to win another award.

2 x Features Editor BBC (dir: Grant Pollard)
I did this when I first got here. One of the directors I worked with wanted to offer me the next series. Not familiar with the show I said that ‘I don’t really know much about cars, so no thanks.’ Some days you should just keep quiet.
10 x 1Hr Features Editor for AT IT/BBC
Editor of features segments. High stress and fast turnaround. The VT would play down at the studio before each segment record only arriving minutes before.
Guide voiceover was recorded by me.

2x 1Hr Senior Editor for BBC 3
Editor of titles/Links/Features etc. Shot NTSC then satellite fed to BBC weekly from Los Angeles.


‘KATY BRAND’S BIG ASS SHOW’ (Series 2 & 3)
2008 6 x 30’ ITV /Worlds End TV  (dir: A.Miller)
2009 6 x 30’ ITV /Worlds End TV (dir: A.Miller)
Editor of this series setting the style & tone for the post team, which earned Katy a Best New Comedian award at the 2008 Comedy Awards.
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2009 3 x 30’  BBC4 /Angel Eye  Film Editor (dir: S.Bendelack)
Editor of this unusual and fresh comedy sketch show pushing comedy boundaries with a young upcoming comic foursome ‘The Cowards’. Along with veteran comedy director Steve Bendelack, Scott worked hard at establishing a clear ‘voice’ for the group.
2009-11 SERIES1-3 32 x 30’  BBC/CBBC
(dir :D.Canterbury/B.Webb)
Editor of this ground breaking series mixing Live Action with a Flash Animated character, Scott’s involvement was integral in writing the book on this type of show. From workflow to story structures, he worked very hard to bring a more cohesive approach to the entire post production process.
‘WATERLOO ROAD’ (Series 3)
Blocks 5&9 2007-8 – 4 x 60’ BBC/SHED -Film Editor (dir: L.Moody)
Editor of 4 one hour shows including the Xmas break finale in 2007 Scott worked intensely with Producer Lis Steele and Director Laurence Moody to ensure the shows delivered their full potential.

Scott also worked as 2
nd unit director for the pick ups required in Eps17 & 18.
BLOCK 3 – 2 x 60’ BBC/RED PLANET – Film Editor (dir :B.Southcombe)
Editor of this series shot in HD for the BBC. The series determined the new look for its sister shows Holby City and Casualty. The block was finished by the editor and producer as the director left the project unexpectedly.

(BAFTA WINNER ‘Best New Comedy’ 2007)
6 x 30’ BBC2 - Film Editor (dir: D. Kerr)
What can you say about this gig. Fun, sweat and tears from start to finish. Being left alone to edit as you like is a privilege. To succeed so mightily was an unexpected boon.

‘BAD GIRLS 8’ (Series 8)
BLK 1&3 - 4 x 60’ ITV/SHED – Film Editor (dir: B, Southcombe, L. Moody)
Series set in HMP Larkhall. Never shying from the darker side of prison life, Bad Girls celebrates the warmth, compassion and defiant sense of humour that can sometimes triumph even behind bars.

2 x 60’ (with Joan Collins) ITV/SHED- Film Editor (dir: D. Kerr)
Joan Collins guested in these two episodes concerning her illicit love for a
Brazilian lad who had fallen in love with Tanya (Zoe Lucker).
5 x 30’ Comedy for MTV/WORLDS END  – Film Editor (dir :B.Southcombe)

The world's first dope opera starring James Lance.

‘TEACHERS’ (Series 4)
2 x 60’ TIGER ASPECT/C4 – Film Editor(dir :B.Southcombe)
Comedy drama that follows the exploits of school staff both inside and out of the classroom. Nominated for RTS Television Award 2004 ;Best Drama Series’.
7 x 30’ CARNIVAL FILMS/C4 – Film Editor (dir :B.Southcombe)
The lives and loves of six teenagers, set against the background of London in the 21st century.